Fayetteville Arkansas – Let’s Call Those Hogs.

Home to the Razorbacks, Fayetteville is where the University of Arkansas lives and calls those hogs. It’s the largest city in Northwest Arkansas and is also located the most southern of the cities that make up Northwest Arkansas. There are great neighborhoods to live in and around the city area. If you want that “big” city feel there are beautiful homes and town houses close to the downtown and university district that are both old and new. Just minutes from downtown you can be in the country with acres surrounding your beautiful home. There is a great entertainment district close to the university located around Dickson Street that has great restaurants, bars and shops to explore. The Walton Arts Center is also located here where great plays, musicals and artists come to perform. There is plenty of activities to do inside and out and great food to eat all around. There are great links to useful information for Fayetteville below.

Contact me to help you buy or sell a home or land in Fayetteville or anywhere in Northwest Arkansas.

Great Info Sites

Fayetteville Gov Site

Experience Fayetteville

Wiki Fayetteville

University of Arkansas

Public Schools

Census Data

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Pea Ridge Arkansas

Pea Ridge is a great small community just a few miles north and east of the great communities of Northwest Arkansas like Bentonville, Rogers, Centerton and Bella Vista. Pea Ridge is a growing and thriving community with a small town feel. Pea Ridge is rich in Civil War history with a great pivotal battle taking place here. There is Pea Ridge National Military Park to explore and enjoy and learn more about the battle and the history. There are all the modern city conveniences like Walmart, Ace Harware, McDonalds, Sonic and Subway along with lots of mom and pops stores and restaurants. They also have a unique event in the fall called Mule Jump that is an entertaining community event. This would make a great community to raise your family. Contact me to help you find a home or land in this area. I can also help you sell your current home.

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Centerton Arkansas

Centerton is a great community west of Bentonville, AR on Hwy 102. We have lived there 2 different times for a total of about 15 years. We watched it grow from a small town on a 2 lane country road to a flourishing community on a 5 lane highway. It now has a high school and national chain restaurants. There is great affordable housing here and you’re still in the Bentonville School District. Contact me to help you find a home in Centerton.

Links Below To Great Resources:

Bentonville School District

School Info

Centerton City

City Data

13 Things To Do

Centerton Info

Centerton Aprtments

Centerton Utilities

10 Things To Do Centerton

Centerton Info

Hotel Info


More Hotel Info

Mercy Clinics

Dominos Pizza


Taco Bell

Tropical Smoothie

Waffle House



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Bentonville, the new Oz

The mountain biking scene is awesome in Bentonville and all around Northwest Arkansas and it just continues to grow. Oz Trails NWA represents everything having to do with the mountain biking scene around here. You can check out OZ Trails to learn more about the trails in NWA. Here’s more great resources and articles for Mountain Biking Bentonville.

Preachers Son Restaurant

The food scene is EXCELLENT in Bentonville. There are so many great choices to chose from. You can find my list of favorites HERE.

I can help you find a great place in Bentonville to live and enjoy all this city has to offer. Contact me today. 479-381-5331

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Rogers Arkansas – You can call it home.

Rogers is a great place to live in Northwest Arkansas. Established in 1881 it is rich in history and attractions. Known as a rail town because the main historic downtown area is right next to the railroad tracks where the trains still continue to run daily. Rogers is just a couple miles from Beaver Lake where you can fish, swim, camp, chill, ski, boat, and even scuba dive. There are 2 public high schools and several private high schools here. There are also great attractions and restaurants throughout the area. Contact me to help you buy or sell your home in this area.

Parks in Rogers, AR
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